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Emily and her parents heard the same thing at most of Emily’s parent-teacher meetings: “Your daughter’s test scores are so high, but she fails to turn in her assignments on time.” She also aced classes she was interested in — like history or literature — but barely passed classes she disliked, like algebra. Now Emily is ready to start college and she’s scared her quick mind and photographic memory won’t be enough. Will she be able to keep up with the reading all semester when she’s used to cramming it all in the night before the exam? How will she make it to class when no one is keeping her accountable? How will she focus if a required class is irrelevant or boring? If she struggles at school, will this mean her future is on the line? Will she be able to graduate?

Sound familiar? Whether you or your child has been officially diagnosed or simply suspect ADHD, we can help. You may already know that ADHD isn’t about intelligence. Many people with this diagnosis are of average or above-average intellect — and can be academic superstars in areas they are interested in with the right skills.

But the ADHD brain is wired a bit differently, which can make it difficult to plan, start a big assignment, manage time, stay organized or pay attention when listening to or reading about subjects that bore you. 

The good news is that your story can change. It doesn’t have to be a struggle this time.

Our professional, compassionate and experienced coaches can help you find the best way for your amazing and unique brain to learn, manage time and prioritize tasks. Learn how to succeed in school and manage your life in a way that best works for you.

Let's tackle your ADHD, together.

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