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Sarah is often described as bright, creative, spontaneous and fun. She’s also been called forgetful, unreliable and scattered. Regardless of how hard Sarah tries, she seems to struggle with the “little things” that others don’t, such as showing up at appointments on time, managing the family budget or running an organized household. She’s the mom who stays up all night making gorgeous cupcakes for her daughter’s holiday party, then arrives late to the party because she forgot to fill gas the night before. She’s late so often that her friends joke about “Brenda time.” But when it comes to something that engages her — like a documentary or art project — Brenda can focus for hours and even grow irritated if something interrupts her.

Sound familiar? Whether you’ve been officially diagnosed or simply suspect you have ADHD, we can help. By now, we hope you realize ADHD is not a character flaw. It’s a very real neurobiological disorder, which affects people of every age, background and intelligence level.

But ADHD in adults presents differently. While a child with ADHD might not be able to sit still, an adult with ADHD might not be able to keep their mind still. Struggles with prioritization, planning and ‘procrastivity’ might mean they try to do everything at once, which can lead to exhaustion and overwhelm.

We can show you a better way. Our professional, experienced and compassionate ADHD coaches can share cognitive exercises, suggest helpful “life hacks” and provide positive feedback to strengthen the skills that help your life flow more smoothly. 

And the good news is that we recognize the unique strengths of your ADHD brain — helping it learn and grow in the way that works best for you.

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