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ProADHD Coaching Corporate Training

ADHD Corporate Training

Millions of men and woman have ADHD all over the world. That means any workplace with multiple employees is bound to have employees with ADHD. These team members are typically bright and creative, but may struggle with workplace structure and politics a bit more. Our ProADHD coaches are available to provide engaging, impactful training to help your work teams better understand this neurodifference, how it manifests in adults and what team leaders can do to connect with ADHD workers and maximize their productivity.

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Corporate Executive Functions Skills Group Coaching

Executive Skills Coaching for Corporate Teams

Increase efficiency, improve communications, decrease stress.

Strategies to support:

  • Team & Individual communication
  • Project/Task Management
  • Email Management
  • Time Efficiency
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Goal Development & Attainment
  • Insight Building
  • 1:1 Breakouts upon request