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Chris wonders how he can try so hard and still struggle at work. He is likable, intelligent and filled with original ideas. But he is held back by his lack of organizational skills, trouble with time-management and tendency to overlook important details. He’s done better at jobs with lots of day-to-day variety, opportunities to be creative and a relaxed work environment. But he’s now in the corporate world, where he struggles with the inflexible work schedule, piles of routine paperwork and an open office layout, which is filled with distractions. Although these conditions sometimes make Chris feel inferior about work, he also has moments of brilliance — those instances where he can laser in on a big project at the last minute and completely hit it out of the park. His supervisors ask why he doesn’t perform like that all the time. 

Sound familiar? Whether you’ve been officially diagnosed or just think you might have ADHD, we can help. Believe it or not, ADHD can be a workplace super-power — a neurodifference that can manifest as out-of-the-box thinking, shrewd intelligence and, especially with projects in which your ADHD mind is highly engaged, incredible levels of productivity and hyper-focus.

At the same time, the modern workforce — with its remote work options, frequent electronic interruptions and constant pressure to “do more with less” — can complicate life for the ADHD worker. 

You may find yourself putting off complex projects due to your brains’ neurobiological struggles with time-management, planning and task-prioritization. Then, as the deadline looms and anxiety soars, your body’s adrenaline will kick in and force your gray matter to focus with a laser precision that previously eluded you. These last-minute work binges may get the job done, but ultimately cause exhaustion, anxiety and burnout.

Our professional and experienced ADHD coaches can show you how to leverage your ADHD brain so that you don’t need to be in panic mode to get things done. You’ll learn how to break down projects into manageable chunks and feel more productive, organized and calm overall.

You’ve already got an amazing brain. We’ll show you how to best use it.

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