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One of the great challenges of ADHD is all those details. Remembering to pick up the kids at the right time. Remembering the quiz is tomorrow. Remembering where you put the keys. Remembering to send Mom a card.


For someone with ADHD, the brain can be so busy with internal/external interference that they may struggle to hear/process/retain important information. So when people accuse a person with ADHD of having a bad memory, it’s actually struggles with attention that cause those memory lapses. It doesn’t need to be that way. Our coaches will help you strengthen working memory — the brain’s temporary “holding tank” while it processes the information, encodes it into useful data, then stores it in long-term memory. We’re learning that people with ADHD may encode the information in a disorganized way, which may cause it to be processed less efficiently.


But working memory can be exercised and strengthened. We’ll also help you remember all you should with visual cues, planners, timers or whatever approaches work the best for your individual lifestyle.


So stop looking for your keys. We can help. 

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