Strengthening Attention/Focus

ProADHD Coaching Strengthening Attention and Focus

Strengthening Attention/Focus Skills

It’s not that people with ADHD refuse to pay attention. It’s that they have so much trouble regulating internal and external distractions that paying attention can feel almost impossible.

On the other hand, the ADHD brain seems to hyperfocus when exposed to favorite topics, situations or people. That’s why someone snoozes through a class/meeting they dislike and can really excel in a meeting or presentation they are passionate about.

When it comes to attention, the ADHD mind really does respond to what’s shiny and interesting vs. what’s required, yet dull. Unfortunately, the important information we need to do our jobs, succeed at school or maintain healthy relationships isn’t always shiny or fun.

Our role is to help you build awareness of your busy brain and give you tools to help turn down the internal/external chatter. Then when it comes to the stuff you need to know, you will be able to engage, attend and apply the tools you need.

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