Brynna Grimestad

Brynna Grimestad

Brynna Grimestad


ProADHD Coach

Brynna Grimestad is an ADHD coach based in Fargo, ND. She uses her experience and educational background as a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, and Certified ADHD-Rehab Services Provider to provide excellent, compassionate care to her clients. She has worked one-on-one with adults and adolescents for nearly a decade and has a true passion for helping ADHDers find their strengths and leverage them to meet their goals. In this collaboration, clients build insight for how their ADHD manifests in the day-to-day things and find strategies to address these things. Brynna finds that learning about ADHD and putting language to what we’ve been experiencing forever is one of the most important factors for making the desired changes at home, work, school, etc. Her clients use this foundation of understanding to have more success with applying tools and strategies than they have been able to before. Providing support to achieve consistency often leads to clients using their tools more automatically and with less effort. At the end of the day, Brynna strives to help individuals have fun and enjoy their lives by reducing the stress and scattered feelings that have been dragging them down.

Brynna genuinely delights in neurodiversity professionally and personally. She is excited by the ways each individual brain perceives and approaches the same situation. An area of special interest is teaching upcoming generations that our differences are not just “okay”, but actually awesome, exciting, and should be celebrated. Hearing from clients that they can better navigate parenting neurodivergent kiddos or interacting with others in their life because of what they have learned about themselves is a huge “cup-filler” for Brynna.

She is happiest when spending time with her husband, two little girls, and two pups. They can be found having spontaneous dance parties, learning about and interacting with animals, competing in family game nights, going on outdoor adventures, reading together, and generally finding ways to make the everyday fun.


  • Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC)
  • Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS)
  • ADHD Rehabiliation Services Provider (ADHD-RSP)
  • Certified in Berard Auditory Integration Training