Let's tackle your ADHD, together.

Meet your ProADHD Coach. Start weekly calls and support to help you reach the new heights you deserve.

Pro ADHD Coaching

Ready to own your ADHD?

1:1 Support with ProADHD Coaching

1:1 support with a ProADHD Coach

Our specialized, ProADHD Coaches are here to help you. We understand ADHD and are ready to help.

Build skills, & successful routines - access useful ADHD resources.

Yes, we will share ADHD tips & tricks but that’s only the beginning. You will work with a ProADHD Coach and work out a personalized strategy that is specific to YOUR life.

Build Skills with ProADHD Coaching
Certification-baked methodology ProADHD Coaching

Qualified professionals that provide lasting results

Our methodology is built on certified training and education backed strategies that have proven to work on real ADHD lives, like yours.

How To Reach The Potential We Know You Have!

1. Get matched with the right coach

We'll assign a coach based on their experience, lifestyle, and personality.

2. Onboarding Call

30-minute video call to get to know your coach, share your goals, and work on your plan.

3. Start Seeing Progress

Each week we will work on building and reinforcing strategies & routines that work for your life style and goals.

ADHD can be your superpower

We live in a neurotypical world where things may not always be ADHD-friendly. But that’s not on you.

At ProADHD Coaching, our ADHD Coaches recognize the superpowers of creativity, curiosity, energy, and passion and draw them out of you.

At the same time, your ProADHD Coach will also guide you through education-backed strategies & skills that will help you navigate your gaps around activation, time management, memory, and general executive functioning.

ADHD can be Your Super Power - ProADHD Coaching

ProADHD Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question and don’t seen an answer below? Please email us at info@proadhdcoaching.com.

How does Coaching work at ProADHD Coaching?

We support our clients in developing and achieving their goals to make real-life responsibilities more manageable. Coaching provides the needed tools, encouragement, and accountability for making practical changes. We provide guidance for skill-building at school, home, work, or beyond and you are the “star athlete” in this coaching relationship!

Who is ProADHD Coaching for?

Coaching is for adolescents and adults who experience a “mismatch” between their perceived potential and actual performance in any environment. If you are motivated to make functional and achievable changes to better meet your potential, coaching is a great match for you. A specific diagnosis in ADHD is not required.

You do not need to be local to our office as we provide video calls across the United States! Our appointments are scheduled between the business hours of 9am and 5pm in the central time zone.

What qualifications do ProADHD Coaches have?

Our coaches are certified ADHD rehabilitation services providers (ADHD-RSP) that have extensive professional experience in supporting those with neurodiversity across the age span.

What kind of time commitment do I have to make?

We highly value and respect your most limited resource: time! Consistency is key for making changes (and a resolve to commit to change is also important), but coaching is flexible based on a client’s needs and available time. Coaching clients usually find face-to-face or video call sessions one to two times per week to be helpful for establishing their “toolkit” at the start of their coaching experience, with a shift to more independent time and indirect communication once their targeted goals have traction.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel a coaching video call?

Scheduling changes are easily made by calling our main office or emailing your coach. While we do have a cancellation fee for last-minute notice or no-shows, this is waived if a client is able to reschedule within the current week (pending coach availability) or give more than 24 hours of notice for cancellations.

How much does ProADHD Coaching cost?

Investment information can be found by contacting us directly by phone or email.

How do I get started with ProADHD Coaching?

Contact our office for scheduling: 701-356-7766 or info@proadhdcoaching.com or fill out the “contact us” form on this website.

Once we have your basic information, we will send you our electronic intake packet to get started. Once questionnaires are submitted, your coaching sessions begin!